Sunday, April 25, 2010

It forever will be

With every fiber of my being
with every fiber of my soul
I feel hope
I feel strength

With every fiber of my being
With every fiber of my soul
I do feel blessed
Moment of love wraps me
Warms my heart
Lifts my spirit
It soars
It flies

I can never deny it
I can never push it away
That what nutures me
That what feeds me
That what brings me love
and gives me joy
How can it not be apart of me?
It forever will be
It always will be

Kuala Lumpur
April 25 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Death is the only certainty

Apologize before hand if I sound "preachy"

Last night I got a phone call from L. Our She told me that our mutual friend Lil's husband had past away Saturday. Apparently it was a untended heart attack when he was playing soccer. I got to know him as friend and such an all around great guy; husband and dad....

We all know that nothing is ever certain in live but death, but I was still sad and shocked when I heard that. They have two beautiful children. The youngest baby just turned one. My heart breaks when I think of them. It breaks when I think of Lil. He was the best love,blessed thing that could have ever happen to that lovely beautiful,strong woman I know.

I have always lead my life with this in mind...

I believe that you do have a higher power that you answer to when you live and die. Having said that that higher power would want us to enjoy the precious life and the borrowed time that we have on this earth the best,loving,balanced way humanly possible..

Death is a certainty but that should not get you to have the fear to live

Live your life like you love God (you love God..You love each other, you treat each other right)

Live like you are gonna live this earth tomorrow

RIP Shahrul You are loved and will be missed but forever in our hearts and soul...

Thank you for everything my friend

Al Fatihah
God's love always

Our love

Should I close my eyes
I just want you to know
I love
I adore
I cherish
I appreciate you
My love
My heart

I may love you more than you love me
I'll never know....
I may be the many loves in the crowd
I may not find out the answers for our paths crossing
I may die wishing that you would truly see me
truly truly truly see me

I die with no regrets
With that risk that I took
With that love I feel
With that strength
with the courage....
The joy....
I feel that you bring and give
I would never regret that

I take that to my grave
Not a tear I shed for those moments we have
Not a tear shed for what we shared
my love
my sunshine

Kuala Lumpur
April 20 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You lost Me

You lost me
I am gone
I am done trying
Seeking your love
Seeking your approval

You lost me
I am gone
You pick at me
You hurt me
I am done spending time
trying to talk and it all turns out wrong
ooh the arguments

You lost me
I am gone
Being treated and looked at like shit
Looked at negatively

You lost me
I am done
trying to get you to hear me
trying to get you to understand me

You lost me
I am done
I find the love and strength,serenity
in the ones that do love,care and accept
You say I have changed
I may have just gotten stronger
to stand and be on my own
If that makes me a bitch
than I guess I am
than I surrender to that

Dear god all I ask is for your
love,mercy forgiveness
for you to give me strength
Just love, protect and bless me
thats all I ask

Kuala Lumpur
April 15 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letting Be

Letting Be

I am letting be
I can't help it
I wondered about it
I stopped fighting it
Loving you was the easiest thing
that thas ever happened to me
Letting you go...
Can't fathom it
can't imagine it
Hard to

The joy that you bring
The love that I feel
the smile that it brings
The reason that I know,is what I know
The reasons that keeps my heart on solid ground
is what I hold on to

If God wants me to let you go
He'd let me know
I am sure he would
For now he hasn't
Not sure if he ever will

I trust him with my life
I love him with my heart
I love me
I trust me
I trust you
I love you
Sincerely with all my being and heart
With that I surrender
With that I accept

Kuala Lumpur
April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Promise,My Lesson

This is a promise
This is my life lesson

I can't deny how I hurt
I can't deny how I bleed
I can't deny how I feel
because you only do what you know what to do

God help me
the truth is there are times
I look at you
I feel anger
I feel resentment
I feel hurt
Maybe even hatred
For your actions
for your attitude
It cuts me
It hurts me

I ask of you God
the one I love
in my imperfect ways
my light
my guide

I am not gonna let the hurt control me
I am not gonna let anger consume away at me
There is the love in me
There is the light in me
There is the strength in me
Thats gonna guide me

I will never go wrong with that
I'll never stray with that

Kuala Lumpur
April 5, 2010