Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For God
For my life
For the air that I breathe
It might not be perfect
thats not what I hold on to
Its still beautiful with you in it

For my loves
For my heart
the ones that I love
for the ones that loves me back truly

for the love,strength,hope,faith
thats given
thats felt
its in me
its brought out
thru me
in me
to me

I am thankful
I am grateful
For all that you give
For all the love that I feel
For all the blessing that I have been given

All my love
All my thanks

Kuala Lumpur
November 24, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I know what I know
I feel what I feel
My love
My faith
My trust
I might be crazy for feeling
the way I do

How many have I said in God I trust
I am not naive
I am not stupid
I have a good head on my shoulder

But let me tell you something
As much as I love you
As much as I care
I don't beg
I don't crawl
I don't front
I don't pretend
This is me
Not playing games

Even if yes I would fight hard for you till my last breath
I will , the best way I can
never at the the expense of me
Everything that is me
not hurting others
I have my limits
I have my lines
You've got to meet me halfway
my love
my heart
You want it
You got it
Show it
Keep it real
Fight for it
thats all it takes

Kuala Lumpur
November 20 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Light Searching

Light Searching

Wake me up
I don't wan't a sleep
Kiss me
Put the life back into me
Hold me
Feeling like I am falling
And I don't wan't to
Don't want you to see me shattered
Give me hope
Cuz I don't wan't to give up
Am digging deep
But don't let me fall too deep into darkness
Don't let me loose myself
When all I ever wanted is to be a better person

Kuala Lumpur
Novermber 16 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life's Ride

Life they say is like a box of chocolate
They say its a journey
They say its filled with ups and down
That goes without saying....
Its bitter sweet memories

Life is nothing without love,
Life is nothing without faith
its nothing without hope
Its nothing without that will and strength

Life is that much sweeter with you in it
Imagining you holding my hand,
Feeling your love
Giving me strength
Life is that much more beautiful with you in it
heart flows
heart overflows

Life has it moments
Its moments almost all has you in it
your smile
your love
your heart
Life is whats you make of it
Life is what you want it to be
Its within

Kuala Lumpur
November 7, 2010