Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can We Just Get Along?

Dear brain that over thinks and over analyzes,
Dear heart that feels and love,
I know you know,
You are smart,
You love God,
You have faith.
Part of you is filled with hope
I know you believe.

I know you are tired,
I know parts are bleeding,
It will heal,
I know you want to be better,
I know you want to do better,
You know its out there,
You know your time is coming again...

It hurts..sure,
Its been too long,
I know you need to breathe,
I know you can,
You have......
Lift that head higher,
(sure you have short neck..but stretch it would you??)
Take that deep breathe.....

I know you wonder..
You don't see that light....

Sooner or later .. baby,
Sooner or later,,,
You got this......

Can you two please get along?

July 13, 2013
Kuala Lumpur