Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lake Chini 2010

Chini Lake as a little background is a lake near the Pahang River in the Central State of Pahang in Malaysia. It is inhabited by the aboroginies tribe called Jakun. The river was damned in order to maintain the lakes depth during the dry season which now has caused dispruption in the natural ecology of the lake and cause death of tree and plants on the shores due to the elvated water levels. This is affecting the surroundings and the people negatively.

On Friday May 28, 2010 aboyut 4o participants with the Malaysian Nature Society started our journey to Lake Chini on a nature/conservation trip and to live and be a part of the Jakun community in Kampung Gumum (Gumum Village), Lake Chini. We went as a convoy and prior arrangement was made during a briefing a few weeks back that Liza, Anita and I were to car pool with Edgar. We rode with him in his car. The convoy arrived there around 1 pm. We stayed at Rajan Jones Guest house (essentially a long house). Rajan got married to a Jakun woman and was accepted into the community as one of their own.

Our accomodation was as simple,basic and as real as it can get. Back to basic, core necessities.Meals were provided at the community canteen set up and home cooked by his wife and two helpers.

Lunch was served and immidiately after that we got going. Started out on a nature tour ,walk. We went right to work. We were devided into two seperate groups. Some went into the lake and
plucked out the weeds that we part of the problem in that lake, destroying the lake and the ecology. The weeds we loaded in a small "sampan". Some of us went all around the shore of that part of the lake, up the hills and did clean up.

We were given and we heard first hand accounts of whats going on with Lake Chini and the community. I was amazed and saddened at the amount of thrash that was thrown, and the hurt that is put on this beautiful piece,part of God's earth and its people.

Later that evening, there was nite jungle trekking but it was cut short because of the rain.

Saturday started early at around 6.30 am before breakfast to be served at 9 am. There was bird watching activity. At around 10 am, our group headed by Tok Batin, the head tribal chief set out on deep ends of of the forest,jungle ,palm oil plantation, heading towards the other side of the lake into another Jakun village. The chief took us thru the trail filling us with knowledge of the indegenous trees and plants,its natural values,properties that can't be found elsewhere. At one point the made an origami usable container made from "nipah" or palm leaves. He cut down a small Liyana tree branch that gave out at least half a bottle of juice from it. The Liyana just is said to to have healing and energizing properties. The juice taste really good. pure water but with a little honey added to it. It was refreshing. It did perk me up a little. We also went the thru path of destruction done by illegal logging.

We had sandwhiches that was packed for us, so we had our lunch in the jungle, sitting everywhere and anywhere that were leech free. The trekking took us about 5 solid hours before we reached another village. We then waited for the boat to pick us up and headed back to base . Too bad it was not a certain cruise boat that I am thinking of. Five hours of trekking and still standing,living to tell about it. A pat on the back for Zee. It was excitement ,exhaustion all at once ,I have to say.

After dinner that evening, we had a small last supper together and "sewang" (traditional song and dance party) which also included the Chief and Rajan. Rajan also asked Tok Batin to give out prices for the traditional arrow blow pipe that was had earlier on our arrival. He also gave out a heartfelt speech that got me all chocked up when he was talking about the situation that his are and tribe is dealing with,he said he did not want to offend anyone (translation the powers that be) but he was really appreciate our being there helping and to bring forth their plight.

We also got to know and hung out with Noor a local woman who is doing a homebased native arts and craft,herbal medicine business. A great, lovely passionate,enterprising woman. I appreciated and loved her spirit. In the middle of the sewang Liza, Anita and I took Noor up on her invite to hang out, drink herbal tea and get messages. We talked pretty much about anything and everything. She gave shoulder and foot messages using the natural oil that she produced.

On the last day, there was more bird watching for the bird enthusiast. I have indeed come to the conclusion that bird watching is a lot like golf. It can be an acquired passion/taste; shall we say, great nonetheless. I am glad that I had learned quite a bit about it and how the situation around us will and has affected the bird population in the area.

After breakfast we head on over to the UKM (Natioanal university of Malaysia) Lake Chini research Center where we had a little briefing and more explorations in their "plantation" museum of Chini Lake

We all decided to leave after that trip and just pick our bags up and head back instead of having lunch at the the site we figured we would just do that at the rest stop on the highway.
I was lucky and thankful for the wonderful people that I met on this trip that nothing but fun, wonderful and supportive I would do it again in a heartbeat and hope to be more a solution rather than a problem during my existence on this earth and I learn to remind myself not to take more than what I need from life and mother nature. Promise to do and be better.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful Dream

Thought I saw you
Thought I heard you
Thought I felt your arms
wrapped around me

The smell
The warmth
The smile
wrapped around me

I am happy
I am blessed
I am in heaven

Two of us together,
just lying there
I looked into those eyes
smiling back at smiling face
that's smiling at me
Kissing those lips
Hands held real tight,real close

My eyes opened....
There is no one there...
You came to me only in my dreams

May 19, 2010
Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Until the Rain Stops

Until the Rain stop
Until the time is right
Until the rain stops
Letting the sun shines thru
I'll hold on
I'll on to the dreams
I'll hold on to my faith
I'll on to the love
I'll hold on you

When it stops
I'll still hold on
What we will have will go on
What we have will shine on
Until I just don't have it in me anymore

Life is not gonna get the worse of me

Kuala Lumpur
October 9, 2009

Edited May 15 2010