Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Lost Prince

May you find this,
I know you are out there
You are lost.
You took a detour,
The longer route getting home

With or without you
I will be great,
God always has his love ,protection and mercy,
I won't be forsaken,
I won't be miserable

Do what it is that you need to do,
To be or find whatever it is you are seeking
As I am seeking mine,
Your home in my heart will always be here

I am not letting my life run by the waiting
run by longing,
If you are gonna be home
Come home,
the light at that porch...
was never turned out

See it..
Follow it..
It'll lead you back,
Where you belong

I am me..
My lost Prince...

Kuala Lumpur
May 2, 2013