Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This Fear

Makes us doubt,
Makes us question,
Makes us loose faith..
in us..
in our own sanity...
in the ones that we love...

You wonder why it makes us go crazy?
Silly me...

Sure God knows the truth,
but..that voice in your heart,
She loves you,
She would never leave and fail you,

Hear it..
Embrace it..

Kuala Lumpur
November 20, 2014

To That Voice

Tell me,
dear lingering negative voices,
Who's life is this?
Last I checked it's mine, not yours.

Just love me just as,
Why do you find it your place to tell me
that I will never be worthy enough...

I have to act and be of a certain way,
I have to look a certain way,
For crying out loud
You... I hear and see you telling me
how to worship God your way...
It has to be your way or the highway..

Fucking stop!
Stop chipping
Stop chirping at me!
No one is perfect,
No one ever will be
I know that..
I embrace that...
I will learn to love that more...

Only God and ONLY GOD
Can judge me,
Don't you dare judge me,
when all I am trying to be ,
is to be and give the best version of me daily
Don't you dare make me doubt ME
because its God's light that created this.
Let me do it on my terms with HIM by my side.. not yours.

Kuala Lumpur
November 20, 2014