Saturday, November 2, 2013

Leo Light

You make me feel like I am something,
That I might just be someone special,
even for few path crossing moments through out the years
For making me believe in everything that is love,
that is good,
that is strong,
I realize, I am insignificant
On the scale of things..I know who I am...
A drop.. a small tiny insignificant drop....
Tho... I know I am worthy....
For those feelings
For those moments
For lessons learned
I am eternally grateful
Thank you
Love you

Kuala Lumpur
November 1, 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Got my head on right,
My heart is in the right place,
You may be my heart,
Not denying you have it,
It may be you are my world,
Quite sure it does not revolve around you,
Not a fool.....

I want you to know,
Don't you forget,
My love,
My gratitude,
For reasons known,
For reasons unknown,
Paths collided,
Paths crossed,
Feels like side by side this journey.....
Till God says it ends.....

Kuala Lumpur
September 30, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life's Melody

Between laughter and tears,
Hate and gratitude,
Between confusion and clarity.
Nothing much...
Its whats mine,
Its whats given,
Its whats destined,

I'll stay in love,
I'll stay in gratitude,
I trust in my moment of weakness,
You'd be there.

Don't know whats next,
I can't see beyond today,
Only you do,
I don 't expect to to tell me.
I know this is all somehow a preperation,
For something.....
Just give me love,
Just give me strength,
Just give me the wisdom.

All I know,
All I pray,
You will always be there
My heart,
My love,
My strength,
My haven....

Kuala Lumpur
September 22, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can We Just Get Along?

Dear brain that over thinks and over analyzes,
Dear heart that feels and love,
I know you know,
You are smart,
You love God,
You have faith.
Part of you is filled with hope
I know you believe.

I know you are tired,
I know parts are bleeding,
It will heal,
I know you want to be better,
I know you want to do better,
You know its out there,
You know your time is coming again...

It hurts..sure,
Its been too long,
I know you need to breathe,
I know you can,
You have......
Lift that head higher,
(sure you have short neck..but stretch it would you??)
Take that deep breathe.....

I know you wonder..
You don't see that light....

Sooner or later .. baby,
Sooner or later,,,
You got this......

Can you two please get along?

July 13, 2013
Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hazey Smoggy Moments

Looking out
Attempting to work
Mind and heart wonders
Doing the best that I humanly can

I hate it
You know what I hate??
Intellectually understanding,
Emotionally still grasping,

I hate it!
I hate it!
I hate it!

Hate that I love you,
Hate the thought of "are you crazy???"
Can I ?
Will I ever be able to stand happy and proud next to you...
Standing tall next to you in the truth and love of the human lense,
This hearts occasionally doubts
But this heart loves continually
This heart lives in her hopes and dreams

I hate that I never imagine that my life would be this
But, it is what it is.
"But you gotta live in gratitude girl!!"
Hell yeah I do!
But have you also walked in MY SHOES???

I am not Godless,
I am not faithless,
I am not hopeless,

I do not wanna be frozen,

I blame me,
the dreamer,
the faithful,
the hopeful.
Putting my faith in love and God,
For thinking that I deserve everything that is good in my life,
that I deserve to be joyful and happy,

I have been a good person
Done everything by the book with my occasional rules,
Can't I get some love?
Can't I get some break?
Give me understanding,
make me feel...anything but the cold chills

Where is that door?
That's waiting to be NinjaZee kicked
Thats what I seek...

Kuala Lumpur
June 24, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Lost Prince

May you find this,
I know you are out there
You are lost.
You took a detour,
The longer route getting home

With or without you
I will be great,
God always has his love ,protection and mercy,
I won't be forsaken,
I won't be miserable

Do what it is that you need to do,
To be or find whatever it is you are seeking
As I am seeking mine,
Your home in my heart will always be here

I am not letting my life run by the waiting
run by longing,
If you are gonna be home
Come home,
the light at that porch...
was never turned out

See it..
Follow it..
It'll lead you back,
Where you belong

I am me..
My lost Prince...

Kuala Lumpur
May 2, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Love Lettah To Bahstan"

Dear Boston and the wonderful people,loves and memories that has crossed my path.

You have been dealing with quite a lot these past few days and my mind has calmed somewhat to which I can write this in your honor ,in the name of everything that is lovely and wonderful to me that you are , my soul home.

I was born in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia. Truth of the matter is I always felt wrong ,not quite fit in right. I somehow dreamed and always knew that there were bigger, better things out that for me. Life after high school brought me to Boston University. I have known (more or less)about the city, the history, the heritage. That young , stubborn, insecure, strong willed , a little awkward , wallflower of a girl, barely grown. It was divine intervention that even made that dream possible. Did not take that girl feel she was at home, she knew she loved you (probably even before she met you). She lived, loved, paid her growing up dues, made her share of mistakes in your arms. Boston is not huge like any major cities that could potentially eat you up,instead its able to love and embrace but not small enough that one might feel stifled.

You taught that about self love,friendships,differences acceptance, of others, being not only book smart, street smart, building that inner strength, compassionate ,you taught her about “hangin' tough” and yes parts of her were made of the ”right stuff”. She always had that in her ,but,you,dear Boston, made her feel safe to be who she is and expressing it. Every bit what home should be and feel like. You were that, with every step that she took, every breath that was given. She belonged. She was more than alright.

From that young girl to who I am at this point, the paths that crossed, lessons learned ,things lost and found, I am eternally grateful and indebted to you. Words don't do justice but I am sending you my love and prayers. My heart aches, my heart breaks. I however know you are love, you are strong...this will not bring you down . You will rise back , stronger and better than ever. I trust. I believe. Boston... you will always have my heart and soul. You are my home, where my soul and being is in peace. In the name of God and everything that is great,loving ,peaceful in this world AMEN, AMEEN .

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Be That Heart

How be that heart
Furious …
Tears flowing.....

Trying to dig in
Holding on to gratitude
Wanting.being, love
Holding on hope,faith,strength
Still waiting...
Still wondering

Am I the biggest fool?
Am I the biggest looser of a dreamer?
You are who you are..don't deny that!!
Hold on to say...
Hold on to faith you say....
You are where you are suppose to be you say..

Tell me..after you know what I have and am going thru

Why is my damn lessons so long....
What am I not getting....
I need to push thru
But what am I pushing ???
I can't even see any doors even tilting....even cracking...
My head and my heart bruised

Tell me again

I am abundant
I am love
I am enough
I am divinely protected

I need to hear
I need to feel

February 27 ,2013
Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Speak Love to Me

You make me feel
That I do matter...
That makes just wanna give more and be more...
Special and beautiful....

That's validation........
I don't have to be right all the time,
Tho, there might be days that I am …..
Just acknowledge me
What I say..
What good I do,
How I feel,
Hear me out.....

You don't complete me..
You affirm me,
I affirm you,
My love...
My feelings...
What you do..
Who you are to me.....
That is where it all stems from.......
Hope you know that....
Hope you would remember …...

Kuala Lumpur
February 13, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Deal with reality you say,
Get you heads out of the clouds you say,
You don't know my reality,
You don't know what I go thru,
You don't know what I have to deal with,
Each of us have our own story,
Even you......
I accept that
Why does it not feel like you do?

Its those clouds that cushions me,
Cushions everything that wounds,
Its those clouds that helps lift me up,
When no one else would,
When no one else cared,
When I am on it,
It makes me see more,
Shows me what needs to be done.

Be in your cold,sarcastic bubble,
Just don't taint my clouds,
Its those clouds that makes me me
You make think other wise
but it is what it is,
I am OK.
I will be even better.

Kuala Lumpur
January 31, 2013