Thursday, December 30, 2010

As we say goodbye to 2010

"Through the pleasure and pain,
Through the sunshine and rain,
Baby, we keep on smilin "

As all of us reflect on the the year that was 2010, we smiled big , we laughed hard till we roll of the floor, some tears were shed for the losts, for the sadness we feel, we fall, we get up and dust ourselves off,lean on the shoulders of love and feel the strength again. Just like any good soldier. Most of all we can't and won't deny the strength that we find in love,compassion and empathy. That what makes us human,what makes us beautiful. Each and everyone of us.

Thru everything that life has brought us this year,we have to be grateful,thankful,we give it our all.

Hope love,faith still floats always......

Looking forward to what the future holds..more laughs,lots more love, blessings unimaginable, brighter than you'd might even imagine for yourselves
That only God, the universe can cook up for us
So CHEERS!!! Here is to the New Year
My brothers,my sisters,my hearts,my loves
Love and blessings always

Lets kick this =)


p.s who knows I may just see you at the concerts =) (winks)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

In this Solitude

In this solitude
I find my strength
I find surrender
this is what it is........
but have the strength
there is hope
there is faith

I see that face
I see that smile
Tells me
to be strong
to be cool
I get that
I feel that
Eternally grateful

In this solitude........

I feel the strength..
to trust
to love
to hold on
with every fiber of my being

That my time here is not done yet
That days I am down but never out
Life will not get bring the worse out of me
and thats a promise.....
As God and love is my guiding light....

in this solitude.........

Kuala Lumpur
December 26 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


God help me
This is not me
When I look at them
When I look into their eyes
You know what I see
You know what I feel....

Shame and sad to be me.......
making me feel never good enough

Hard to see love
Hard to be the love
when every other thought
When every other word
Is stupidity....masked in humor
plain old hurtful critism
Hard to remember....
the last loving,comforting words
thats told......

God help me
I am too far gone
I've been cut
I have been put down for far too long
Much too deep
Yeah its my fault
I own my share....
show me how to let go..........

Kuala Lumpur
December 22 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Just leave me alone
Leave me alone; Emptiness
Leave me alone so that my love
Can find me

Leave me alone
I want to hear my own voice
My own joy and happiness rise

Just leave me alone; Sadness
You have to make way for my sun
You have to make way for my ray to shine
Don't you dare block it
Its gonna shine so bright
Brighter than the stars ever

The misery
The loneliness
This emptiness shall end
You need to first leave me alone
You need to get out and make way for love
For it to stay longer
For it to be here for good

December 15, 2010
Kuala Lumpur

Monday, December 6, 2010

Divine Warmth Of Gratitude

Right this second
Absolute surrender
Absolute peace

Nothing is ever perfect
but you stay happy
I know you are there
I feel your arms around me
I feel your warmth
Even if it is for a split second

I smile
I know you won't ever forsake me
Love won't pass me by
I am alright
I will be alright
I will always be

Picture of you in my heart
Picture of you in my mind
with nothing but thoughts of love
nothing but thoughts of gratitude

Is there

December 6 2010
Kuala Lumpur

Friday, December 3, 2010


Loving you
Thinking of you
All this from a far
All this from a distant
Its a pain
Sure... but....
You are one of the best that ever happen to me
I am OK
I take what I can get.....

Its still love
Its still there
It is what it is
Just hope you know it is
Just hope you feel it

Still love to me
Still real to me
Still human
Still unconditional

Keeping my head and heart straight
Foot on the ground
Love in heart and mind
May the good lord just help and guide me
Thru the sea of love
Thru this dance of life

Kuala Lumpur
December 3 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hope and Prayers

I am begging you
with every ounce of my love
with every ounce of my gratitude
For you to please help me
Help me let go.....
Help me deal ..

The hurt
The anger
The sadness
The frustration

Not letting this get the best of me
Its not good for me
For my spirit
For my soul
For my life

I am living
I am doing
I am loving
I am smiling

I still need your love
I still need your help
I still need your guidance
Just please don't forsake me
I love you

Kuala Lumpur
December 1st 2010