Monday, January 23, 2012



I snapped
Enough of your bullshit
Enough of you making me feel small
I have feelings
I have my own voice
I have thoughts
I have to respect yours
So respect mine

I am human
not some property to be owned
To fit into what you want me to be
To make you feel better and happy about yourself
At my expense

I am over it
So over it
I keep saying
I keep telling
Love and respect goes both ways
Don't you cut me down and chip at me that way
I may fall at times
but I will get up
You will not get the best of me

Kuala Lumpur
January 24 2011


I don't know baby
I don't know how
I don't know why
I open my eyes
and all I start thinking about is you
how much I miss you
How much I wanna be home

Tears rolled
I looked and the pictures
They make me smile
It kills me inside
I wish I did not love you so much
I wish my heart did not care
I wish I did not miss things so bad

Kuala Lumpur
re-visted January 24 2012