Friday, November 11, 2011

Surrender to Divinity

All in divine hand
Need a miracle
Working on that miracle
I will see that face again
I will see that smile again
I will feel that hug again
I will feel that love again

If that never ever feel that ever again...
See that face
See that smile
Feel those arms
Feel the love
in person...

Just remember..
I just wanna say
Thank You

Thanks for being the love
Thanks for being that sunshine
Just for being you
The imperfect perfect you
For making want to be better
For making me want to do better

Don't think ya heard me said
Thank you
Thank you for that twisted evening at Bickford's
August 27, 1992
For all the rest of my lovely beautiful days
That has you in it
In my heart
On my mind
On my face

August 27 2011
Kuala Lumpur

My Shoes

You are not in my shoes
You don't get it
The feelings I have
The hurt I feel
The joy in my heart
And the tears I shed

Either you really don't care
Or you really don't wanna care
I am just too difficult
I am just too much for you
You dismiss me
Tho I am blood
I should not have to hear those words

God help me
I am not gonna say its OK
I have to forgive you
You can only love as you have been loved
And I know its not much

The tears I shed
The hurt I feel
The joy I feel
It is all in God's hand
I am in his hands
Because there is nothing else I know
Because there is is no better place for me to be

November 12, 2011
Kuala Lumpur