Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your All

if you want to
If you have to
Let it all out

Even if it hurts
Even it it bleeds
You are love
You are beautiful

Be strong
Be tough
Hold on to love
Hold on to faith
Hold on to trust
You have everything you need
Right there with you

Kuala Lumpur
October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Wake me up
I don't wanna sleep

Kiss me
Bring me back to life

Hold me
Feel like I am falling

Don't want you to see see me
Feeling the way I do
Feeling battered

Give me hope
Don't wanna give up
Am digging deep

In you I trust
in all my imperfections
I trust that you will not forsake me
That you will take good care of me

Kuala Lumpur
October 11, 2011

Hand Heart Wash Clean

Hand Heart Wash Clean

I lost a friendship
Over a smiley face
On your ex's facebook......
We were friends
When I did not feel it was directed
negatively at you....

You don't wanna listen to explaination
You don't wanna accept explaination
You don't wanna see and accept when I ask
How can I make it better

Nothing can I do
Nothing I can say
I am hurt
I am sad
But my conscience is cleared
God knows why heart
maybe our time has come
With you slamming that door on me
someone that truly loves, gets gets and understanding
is meant to fill that spot

Kuala Lumpur
October 11, 2011