Sunday, December 23, 2012

Light Searching

Missing you,

Wishing things were different,
Grateful that they even exist,

Turn around you see....
There is love,
Look .......
There is abundance,
You wonder....
Will it even be mine?
You tell yourself
Have faith!
You got to believe!
Don't be silly!

You know it will,
but you still wonder .....
Got to shut that voice up!

Kuala Lumpur
December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not Here, ,Not Now

My fear
The longer I am here
The further away I am......
From You...
From Love....
From who I am …
To see what I need to see..
To be where I need to be...

Its taking its own time,
Far too long...
God has his reasons....

Getting harder to feel the love,
How can you keep it,
or can you even hold on to it ,
Takes to much strength,
Do I even have it..
I know what the damn answer is....

Feel I am drifting away,
Feel that you are drifting away
It's not what I want
Not goodbye
Hard to let go..
The one shining love ,light in your life,
Don't wanna lose Me...

It might just be the whispers of sadness talking,
I surrender everything,
I know for sure..I don't have all the answers...
Only God does.
My faith is tested..sometimes it is weaning....
I am only human..
Love will never leave the spirit that is me.....

Kuala Lumpur
December 1, 2012