Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Deal with reality you say,
Get you heads out of the clouds you say,
You don't know my reality,
You don't know what I go thru,
You don't know what I have to deal with,
Each of us have our own story,
Even you......
I accept that
Why does it not feel like you do?

Its those clouds that cushions me,
Cushions everything that wounds,
Its those clouds that helps lift me up,
When no one else would,
When no one else cared,
When I am on it,
It makes me see more,
Shows me what needs to be done.

Be in your cold,sarcastic bubble,
Just don't taint my clouds,
Its those clouds that makes me me
You make think other wise
but it is what it is,
I am OK.
I will be even better.

Kuala Lumpur
January 31, 2013