Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hearts Don't Think

Hearts don't think,
they feel...
so..I was told

After all these years
part of me.....

Is this all real?
Hell... it is
No..its not
Is my heart in the right place?
Is my love in the right place
I am too smart to be fooled....
oooh...the dichotomy....

Are you acting?
ooooh soooo good.....
Yes.. you are
No.. you are not
Maybe a mistake
But maybe you are my beautiful mistake
Would never change a thing

I don't know much
But ...
I love and trust God
I love and trust me
I trust and love whats sent my way
so.. I love and trust you
Thats all I need to know

Kuala Lumpur
June 23, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011


Walking that stage
sea of faces
Gonna tell that story for that competition
She was not afraid

It was her turn
She took her place
She started

She was stopped
She saw head turning
She heard loud rumbles

Boo boo
Boo boo
Get her off that stage!!
Get her off that stage
We don't like the way she speaks
Its funny
Its awful
who does she think she is???

Tears came running
She felt humiliated
She felt embarassed
She went running off that stage
She went off crying in the bathroom
like she has never sobbed before
Tho lord knows she has cried her tears

She held on tight
what else was she suppose to do
She cried
Held out
Hurt yeah
but marched on.......

Kuala Lumpur
June 7 2011