Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wish you'd listen.....

Wish you know..and you do...
How much I dispice your arrogance
Your absolute need to be dominant and right
Your words cut
Your words hurt
You dish it out can't take when it's given to you...

God knows..
I spend my whole life
I try to be loving
I try to be positive
I am drained
I am all out of that good shit for you

I can't get thru a fucking cold soul like you,
The.. I really don't give a fuck about anything really..
YOU said those words to me...
You act act and feel like you are the queen,

If you hear this words..
It's me that's going be in that ditch,
You know how empty that makes me feel?????

Kuala Lumpur
January 14, 2015