Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Reality

Love wants to be love
Love wants to be wanted
Love wants to be needed
Love wants to be appreciated

Ego wants to feel important
Ego wants to matter
Ego feels deserving

Heart feels
Heart knows
Reality reminds
Reality tells
You are nothing but a speck in the sea of thousands
I will always be happy for you
I will always be proud of you
I would never regret you
Eternally in love
Eternally in gratitude

Kuala Lumpur
March 20,2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Someday Sometimes

I wonder
What would me let you go
What would make me hate you
I can't seem to find the answer
Maybe I don't even want to..

The unconditional things I feel
Its making me sick with each passing year
I do hate one sided relationships
but it is what it is
I don't own you

I hear things
I hear stories
Your Friends
their things
their flings
I know you are you
You are human
Sometimes it doesn't make it any easier
As much as I hate it
As much as I hate myself for thinking it
For feeling it
I see t the beauty
I see the good
I see the loving side
of the perfect imperfect

Not sure if I am wrong
Not sure if I am right
It is what it is

Wish God would help me
God just help me hate you
God just help me let you go
If thats the the best thing for me
Just stay out of my live
You mean so much to me
That its so right
That its so wrong

I don't how to stop loving you..
Maybe I don't even wanna......

March 14, 2012
Kuala Lumpur