Saturday, May 3, 2014

I cry

I cry,
For the life I have been given,
For the fact that I have to accept and be grateful for it,
Tho I don't fully understand it.

I cry,
For every hurtful ways,
For every hateful words,
That has to be swallowed,
in the name of blood,
in the name of being filial.

I cry,
for every battle fought,
but feel that life goes around in circles.

I cry,
I know I am only human,
I am a woman,
A woman that would never fully understand,
what it means to carry a child,
What it means to give birth to him or her,

I cry,
At the thought of...
Is there really love out there for me?
The one that said was meant for me,
Thought I found it,
Felt like it was taken from me,
Never got that back,
Then I told myself,
God knows....

I cry,
I don't want to loose hope
I don't want to loose faith
It has been too long,
Could it be more than what this soul can handle?

I cry,
I have been a good person,
tho imperfect,
Why can't I get somethings,
Somethings has got to be right!

Don't I deserve it?
Apparently not!
Maybe later they say,
Be patient,
How long more?
How long more?
How long more?

A mere frail human
trying to understand........

Kuala Lumpur
May 1, 2014

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